Media Experience – My style

Getting a suitable design for websites are quite challenging as the theme and style have to go along with the website’s purpose and targeted audience. I am personally more to minimalism style and doodle arts.


Minimalism was common in using for website design style for years that achieved by reducing the web design to only essential elements. It is meant to make the content more outstanding than other unnecessary stuff. This kind of website actually load faster, dealing with straight forward message telling, fewer and only important elements, colours, shapes, textures, using of more visuals like images and videos or texts.

Minimalist design are usually back to basics and prevent excessive where fewer distractions will be make to the audiences. “Less is more” been always in thought where without extraneous design elements, the site’s content will be emphasized. By adding enough white spaces in each section and the using of colours can differentiate or highlighted the important detail.

These are some of the minimalist website that impressed and inspired me a lot.


Beatbox Academy

This is a beatbox academy website where you can play around with the sounds and create your own rhythms. Its is much interesting when you came to the another page where the graphics flowing up and down. The layering arrangements of the graphics are found interesting and vivid. The tryout and interacting part creating fun meanwhile leaving impressions to the audiences.


Si Digital

I personally likes the part where the liquid flowing down and its just act like the speed counting when u read and scroll down to other page. The animated liquid flowing had done a favor that actually attracted me to scroll down and figure out more. Every page are animated where u scroll down to the page and it catch my attentions.



This website are more complicated compare to others’ minimalist web design  But it impressed me with the moving graphics when you scroll down to the another page. I like the interactive way between the website and the audience in this kind of unique way and I am personally likes doodle art.


I would like to develop an interactive website using minimalism style just like where my inspirations came from. I would want to create an interesting way to interact with my readers in my sites and make them to remember my sites and my name. I would want to plug in some doodle arts in my sites which draws out in differend moods and style to balanced out it from a formal websites. Doodles art are random and handrawn from a person’s incredible imaginary where its not must be real object that appears. I believe with good imaginations can keep a person from being creative and innovative.



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