Perhaps in the future, the media I will see myself producing in two years time I think would be Social Interactive platforms likes websites or mobile applications. I am not that active person in the real life thus making me to find a balance in digital visual world where social media lies in. I could spend all my time sitting in front of my computers or mobile, surfing net, doing research for ideas or new technologies and get socialize.

design firm

Working in an design agency definitely harder than a student life, but I came far across after my internships. Designs are not only about visual satisfactions yet have to meet the client’s demand. Its like psychology doctor where we have to understand our patient’s problems and solve it. I am definitely enjoying designer’s life in a company more than doing freelance where I can actually get motivated by my working teams and peoples around me.

I will then keep myself update with the latest technologies to develop greater works. Of course without doing user testing or usability research will then make me lost in tracking the user’s current behaviour in times. I would sure to figure out more interesting ways to get interact with my readers and to keep them attract to my sites. Be innovative and creative. New media developments surely make a bonus to gain interest from the public.



2 responses to “Future”

  1. chaddy70 says :

    Hi Shin Yee, looking forward to meeting you all when you arrive in the UK.

    I am enjoying your posts and your research. I really liked your interactive comic campaign and the work of of Scott McCloud came to mind; http://scottmccloud.com/ If you are interested in Social Interactive Platforms, take a look at ‘Designing Interactions’ by Bill Moggridge. Henry Jenkins Convergence Culture may be worth having a look at. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts over the next few days. Try and research projects, theorists and key thinkers that inform your chosen area of research.

    Enjoy the research


    • evonneyee says :

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your guidance and feedback. I will discover more from the resources that you have recommended and work from there.


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