Previous works – Interns

Another work that I completed with my colleagues during my internship in a local media agency – If Isobar. This is the most satisfy project that I have done during the 3 months interns period in the company.

This is a project cooperate with the sisters company Vizeum to launch PrudentialBSN’s First Link product to first-time buyers aged 18-24. A contest is launched in Facebook to get motivations and persuaded youngsters to consider the benefits of insurance in cartoon way. People are encourage to draw, upload and get their friends to vote for the most inspiring and educational cartoon.


There are more than of 4,000 of applications which makes the PruBSN’s First Link product become the most successful new launched product. By finalise the ideas of all applications, we are making a motions comics to participate in a contest where is Selling Insurance to Superman. Me and my colleagues been research for the characters design, suitable fonts, comic styles, storyboard layout design, sounds and effects before doing the final output. This is my first opportunities to take part in a big project and handling from pre and post productions of this project.


The draft storyboard outline


Adding with characters and elements that have been hand drawn and illustrated


The final output storyboard.

Unfortunately, I am not allow to post the video over here. The final output motion video been submitted to participate in contest during year 2012. I am pleased that I am given a golden chance for handling a great project.



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