Previous works

Today’s blog posting is going to describe about a project that I completed for the course at TAR that I am especially proud of. There are tons of subjects and works that i have actually covered and completed within this 4 years of studies.


Among those, i would like to talk about my team’s fund raising jumpstart project, Social Media Treasure Hunt. This project had successfully attracted several sponsors funding us for having our Advanced Diploma Final Year Project Exhibition. Me and my team had succeed to convince our sponsors with returns of RM7,000 worth prizes for our winners of Social Media Treasure Hunt meanwhile another RM1,000 as funding for FYP Exhibition. We will help to advertise their company,business or products in returns to our sponsors through our game tasks.


Social Media Treasure Hunt?

We decided to use a modern way of playing by integrating the social media platforms instead of the traditional way of  playing treasure hunt which have to go through several stations. Participants are required to form in group of 3-5 and completing their tasks with the use of social media platforms. For example : Posting a picture or video with given theme/style by the host.


Social Media are now playing the important role in social networking nowadays. It has been prove as the most effective way of message convey to the audiences with the least time and money consumption. In the same time, our participants can easily complete theirs tasks in anywhere with internet access instead of tiring traditional way of playing treasure hunt.

for more info please visit TARC’s Social Media Treasure Hunt


After doing some research, me and my team decided to design an application to promote and emphasize the project – SMTH. Almost all students are holding a smartphone nowadays in the college, so why dont users get notify of our game by creating our official apps. This apps act as second platforms where users or participant get to connect with the host.

This application are available mobile download by all the TAR students during our roadshow about 5 days in the college canteen 2. I am the handling all the graphics and designs throughout the whole project. This apps are basically a mobile site of SMTH that users can always be notify by our updated news, tasks and prizes. Booth locate functions and check-in functions are available too to attract more peoples come to our booth and get to know our game. All the participate fees are going to act as funding for exhibition too.



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