Research Interest

Area of interest

I am interested in Social Interactive Platforms like websites or mobile applications. Both of these are popular tools that used to promote or emphasized a project. They no longer function like old days which only being use by companies or organizations for info-telling or data collecting. Nowadays, social interactive platforms not only acting as content-based, product or service based website of individual or organization but also crossing over to advertise and launching of a new product, movie, game and so on. For example, the recently on-screen movie of Iron Man 3 had launched a mobile game application together with the official website to promote the content and attract popularity.

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Which platforms that I am more towards to?

I am personally more towards to web interface design. During my studies year in college, I have learned to used web building softwares like Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and so on. Beside that, I do learned about scripting skills like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Java, PHP and so on. However, I prefer interface design than web develop coding this is also the main reasons I studied design instead of programming. During my previous internship in a media agency, i do not touch on the coding part as my company do hired a line of professional programmers who take care of web develop coding. i have learned much from my design department colleague, research about latest web trends, user’s behaviours, how to grab attentions, balance in design elements and of course web usabilities also functionalities. In additions, understand what the client needs and provide solutions. Dealing with clients also a challenging task for newbie like me who just step in the design industry.

Previous research

During my studies in the college, I have done some research in “The influence of Social Media towards the Society.” I found that this topic is quite interesting as nowadays we often using social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and etc. Various updates found on social media platforms had greatly influent to the society and the users. Thus, I decided to continue research on this area.

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From the previous research, I hypothesized that people tend to believe what they read and get to know from social media platforms.

Primary question, ” Does the society believe what they read on various social media platforms? ”

Secondary question, ” How does social media impact the social through the various online personas making it big (becoming popular) in virtual world? ”

After completing the research, I had concluded that people will tend to believe what they read from various social media sites because they will intend to share the same information out if it benefits or meaningful to them. The idea of sharing information out already proves that they believe and are interested in that certain topic. Thus, my hypothesis is proven to be true. In addition to that, news, content and information shared on social media sites does give an impact to others if they are shared by dominant figures because people tend to trust their success stories.

Further Research

To continue research about social media but in different angle, I have come to a topic about social interactive media. I am going to discover about:

  • Social interaction design
  • Future of social media
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile web or mobile app?
  • Future trends of design in website & app
  • more to go.

I am going to continue my research on these in coming posting and more sources coming soon.

An introduction to social interaction design

Illustrated descriptions clarify the pioneering interaction design work

Why interaction design matters

Exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience


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