Future Trends in Web Design

The Future

The growing of technologies are unbelievable fast nowadays. Individuals or softwares should be keep updated with latest trend and skills to assure that we are in same line as the growth of technology. With the understanding of new technologies, design elements, trends and ideas so do user behaviours could help in developing a new trend in building websites and so on.


future phone

I have researched some sources about future trends in website design:

  1. Web design key trends 
  2. Web design trends ( interviews with more than 20 designers)
  3. Future trens in web design ( insights from creative professionals)
  4. Where is the future of web design
  5. Colour trends on web
  6. Design trends prediction in 2103
  7. Expect design trends by 
  8. Web design and development 
  9. Reflection of web design trends



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