Social Media Marketing


Social media today are not only playing role of socialize between individuals but at the same time gaining web traffic causes web traffic thus organization are now using social media as part of the marketing strategy. I believe an individuals in this century definitely spend more than an hour on the internet surfing, socializing and etc. Social media platforms had mainstream the web traffic like Facebook, Youtube, Google plus, Twitter, Blogger and so on. Business organization, companies even individuals notice the power of social media where deliver message and content to the users with the least time and money consumption. Wide range of web users from children to seniors can easily notice and get particular informations from the social media direct and indirectly.


So what is social media marketing? What was the impact? How does it affect the branding? Does social media marketing already replace the traditional marketing? How updates from the social media platforms will affect to your branding?

I found this few articles are quite interesting and related to my research:

  1. Social media is the new marketing
  2. 4 ways social media supports top of the funnel activities
  3. How social ads amplify your content and social media maturity
  4. 6 tips for the modern marketer 
  5. How salesforce succeeds at social media marketing
  6. 100 uses of social media ads
  7. How social media listening shapes marketing

Social media marketing whiteboard tutorial by Pat Niday

Power of Social Media by InfoCareITS

Social Media Marketing explained by Douglas Lim



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