Sources for social interaction design

From the very beginning, I am not even know what’s about social interaction design and how was it impact the society. Then I started to search more and more, even tried to search for video that talks and discuss about interaction design. Then i found these few videos are quite useful and informative to beginners like me in this area.

What is interaction design? (interview with Addison Cooperate Marketing)

What is interaction desgin by

Seductive interaction design by Stephen Anderson

Design interaction by Bill Moggridge

And I also found an interesting product of interaction design, it is so fun which enable the user interact with the product and controls the light either switch on or off, drawing or erasing.


One response to “Sources for social interaction design”

  1. chaddy70 says :

    Hi Shin Yee

    Continue to research and collate your findings in the blog. Your prezi should summarise your research interest and indicate research sources, key thinkers and practitioners in the area you are focusing on. What conclusions will you draw and what questions do you hope to explore in later modules?

    Have fun and enjoy the process,


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