Future of mobile site and app


Mobile web stats by cicada.net.nz


Picture by mobiappsexperts.com

Both charts that I pasted shows the internet users now slowly shift to mobile surfing, perhaps in future mobile devices will mainstream the market. I personally used to surf net using my mobile phone or tablets, as long as I am not typing documents that needed practical keyboards. The reason I prefer using mobile devices to access internet is the conveniently, I am free to go anywhere  anytime and keep changing my positions and locations. I believe more people out there are just like me ever since more and more people using smartphones than feature phones.

Here some videos talks about the future of mobile sites and apps :

Gazing into the Future of Mobile

The future of mobile and app by Gerd Leonhard

more info :


Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Website

Mobile app for business

Native apps Vs Mobile web apps

More articles that i have researched :

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There also disagree article :

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