Mobile web or mobile app?

Mobile Web VS Mobile App


What is them?


Mobile web stands for website that specially designer to be view on mobile phones. As for earlier, websites were only be seen on PC or laptop with large screens with faster internet speed. However, with the invention of smartphones society started to use mobiles more than PC as they can use mobile devices in anywhere, anytime with internet accesses for view a website. A normal website built for large screens like computers, laptops do not perform nice on mobile, as the difference in screen resolutions and some elements may cannot functions well. Some special structure are needed for mobile phones for running the website, causes the need to create special website for mobile phones and named it mobile web.

Nowadays, web access become very important as users can browsing from everywhere. By making your site user friendly that available on all devices draws the wider market. Mobile web only viewable from the browser such as, google chrome, safari, fireforx and etc.

app design

Mobile app is a software application that combines the versatility of web with the functionality of touch enabled devices and compatible with both Iphone and android devices. Internet applications that runs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A mobile app can be games, info-telling mobile website, bookmarking utility and so on that have each unique feature.


Infrographic : Should you build mobile app or mobile website?


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