Audio & Narrative

Day 1 in LJMU

We have been introduced to our module leader Mr.Mark Smith & Mr.Ian Bradley who going to lead us throughout the first subject, Creative Media Technology. Started with Audio and Narrative, where sounds take place to build up a story, an environment, an emotion with imagination.

We been required to do our very first task even thought just day 1 in LJMU, a group of 3 peoples exploring and recording the sounds in Liverpool to present an audio narrative.

As we are all new in town, my teams and I do not familiar with the places in Liverpool. Since we afraid of getting lost in the town, we decided to make some sounds only by using the human made sound from throat and mouth. With the sounds that we made and recorded, we built up a rhythm.

We had previously done some narrative story telling with the use of sound during previous study in TARC KL, so this time we did not record the sounds of environment.

We also introduce to this BBC project by Mr.Mark which is Save Our Sounds.

bbc soundscape

Save Our Sounds – City Soundscape

BBC built a sound map of the world to save endangered sounds from being extinction. The public are encourage to record and upload the sounds to the website, by email or post.

Explore the virtual city soundscape, listen to the environment sounds by moving around each location. Was a great project and impressed but also inspired me.


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