Triptych & Multiscreen

According to the module handbook, Triptych is an earlier form of screen narrative, that Lev Manovich might just describe as ‘spatial or windows montage’.

Project like HBO Voyeur used this concept and brought up twelve hidden stories into view. This project divided into 12 moving parts, the film mimicked a cross-section of the building’s infrastructure, allowing it to show the interiors of all eight apartments simultaneously, as well as the stairwell. Onlookers instantly became voyeurs. The multi screen and stories flowing simultaneously and some of the stories are related.

This project had won many prizes and so impressing.


HBO Voyeur

Same day, we are required to do a triptych video exercise of 30 seconds. My teams and I, a total of 3 decided to do a walking stories of daily life from morning to the night. Multi screens of different places, walking from 1st screen to 3rd screen. The screens are form by different environments but somehow connected with the person interacting with another screen’s same person. Its a fun and exploring experience for me.


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