QR Code


QR code stands for Quick Response Code, originally developed to speed parts identification which now been widely used for advertise, information or entertainment purpose.

We been introduce to this web which used to generate QR by uploading several formats of input materials.

QR code


In a group, we been required to do some interactive QR code stuff or game with the uses of sounds, videos, text or visuals. We have been explored the whole building of LJMU Redmonds Building and to create QR code to bring out our own ideas and so do other groups. Can you imagine the whole Redmonds Building full with QR codes? Too bad, we can’t explore all the group’s QR project together as its quite a amount of us in this course. We only able to scan other’s group QR code game/ story telling in the class that i found if we in the particularly specific place which the QR code stick on it will be adding more fun.


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