Key Patterns for Mobile Apps by Apigee

This is a webcast do introduce some key patterns for mobile app development. The webcast covered subject:

  • Identity
  • Show what’s happening
  • Show what’s nearby
  • Alert me!
  • Share info or state across devices
  • Access a service remotely



They described the design pattern used by each different subjects and how user react with with these subjects. All these use case are kind of familiar as almost all of them are used in today’s mobile application. For example, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and so on. All these patterns directly or indirectly affect the user experience as every different people have different point of view.

For example, Facebook had now with function of “seen” in message, where some people found it’s great where showing the people they contacted had read their message. Where as, some people may found it not so great, where they accidentally pressed the message but they are not reading, end up the other side of user blaming that they have read the message yet not replying.

Facebook often update with their functions and interface to enhance the user experience. However, some users may not find it useful and not acceptable. It would be great if Facebook would do survey the user behaviour or user preferences before they made changes to the current version.


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