Interactive Video on Youtube

The interactive video by using annotations in Youtube that may certainly attracted the participant of the audiences.

This is not a new thing to me, as 2012 i had watched a Chinese New Year advertisement of Wing Heong. The advertisement video of 2012 no longer available but now they have published another interactive video in Youtube. The story flow required the audience to make choice and click on the screen to lead to the next step. Personally, I likes this kind of videos that require the participant of the audience and make interactions.

Wing Heong

My teams and I had made this video which to remind the public to follow the rules when crossing the road. The interactivity part for our audience is to decide whether to obey the rules or go opposite of the choice. Different choices give different results.


Isadora and Interactivity

We are introduce to a new software named Isadora, which to create some interactions with the users. We’ve been given chance to play with this software, Isadora and explore ourselves in few hours time. Simple templates provided for us to try out with some videos inputs and start to do some interactions with the user, uses the keyboard, webcam, mouse control and so on.

Some previous student’s projects been projected to us, very interesting approach.



Triptych & Multiscreen

According to the module handbook, Triptych is an earlier form of screen narrative, that Lev Manovich might just describe as ‘spatial or windows montage’.

Project like HBO Voyeur used this concept and brought up twelve hidden stories into view. This project divided into 12 moving parts, the film mimicked a cross-section of the building’s infrastructure, allowing it to show the interiors of all eight apartments simultaneously, as well as the stairwell. Onlookers instantly became voyeurs. The multi screen and stories flowing simultaneously and some of the stories are related.

This project had won many prizes and so impressing.


HBO Voyeur

Same day, we are required to do a triptych video exercise of 30 seconds. My teams and I, a total of 3 decided to do a walking stories of daily life from morning to the night. Multi screens of different places, walking from 1st screen to 3rd screen. The screens are form by different environments but somehow connected with the person interacting with another screen’s same person. Its a fun and exploring experience for me.

Audio & Narrative

Day 1 in LJMU

We have been introduced to our module leader Mr.Mark Smith & Mr.Ian Bradley who going to lead us throughout the first subject, Creative Media Technology. Started with Audio and Narrative, where sounds take place to build up a story, an environment, an emotion with imagination.

We been required to do our very first task even thought just day 1 in LJMU, a group of 3 peoples exploring and recording the sounds in Liverpool to present an audio narrative.

As we are all new in town, my teams and I do not familiar with the places in Liverpool. Since we afraid of getting lost in the town, we decided to make some sounds only by using the human made sound from throat and mouth. With the sounds that we made and recorded, we built up a rhythm.

We had previously done some narrative story telling with the use of sound during previous study in TARC KL, so this time we did not record the sounds of environment.

We also introduce to this BBC project by Mr.Mark which is Save Our Sounds.

bbc soundscape

Save Our Sounds – City Soundscape

BBC built a sound map of the world to save endangered sounds from being extinction. The public are encourage to record and upload the sounds to the website, by email or post.

Explore the virtual city soundscape, listen to the environment sounds by moving around each location. Was a great project and impressed but also inspired me.

Future of mobile site and app


Mobile web stats by


Picture by

Both charts that I pasted shows the internet users now slowly shift to mobile surfing, perhaps in future mobile devices will mainstream the market. I personally used to surf net using my mobile phone or tablets, as long as I am not typing documents that needed practical keyboards. The reason I prefer using mobile devices to access internet is the conveniently, I am free to go anywhere  anytime and keep changing my positions and locations. I believe more people out there are just like me ever since more and more people using smartphones than feature phones.

Here some videos talks about the future of mobile sites and apps :

Gazing into the Future of Mobile

The future of mobile and app by Gerd Leonhard

more info :

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Mobile app for business

Native apps Vs Mobile web apps

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Mobile web or mobile app?

Mobile Web VS Mobile App


What is them?


Mobile web stands for website that specially designer to be view on mobile phones. As for earlier, websites were only be seen on PC or laptop with large screens with faster internet speed. However, with the invention of smartphones society started to use mobiles more than PC as they can use mobile devices in anywhere, anytime with internet accesses for view a website. A normal website built for large screens like computers, laptops do not perform nice on mobile, as the difference in screen resolutions and some elements may cannot functions well. Some special structure are needed for mobile phones for running the website, causes the need to create special website for mobile phones and named it mobile web.

Nowadays, web access become very important as users can browsing from everywhere. By making your site user friendly that available on all devices draws the wider market. Mobile web only viewable from the browser such as, google chrome, safari, fireforx and etc.

app design

Mobile app is a software application that combines the versatility of web with the functionality of touch enabled devices and compatible with both Iphone and android devices. Internet applications that runs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A mobile app can be games, info-telling mobile website, bookmarking utility and so on that have each unique feature.


Infrographic : Should you build mobile app or mobile website?


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